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The life of a festival tech/gofer/thing… – Purple Mountain
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The life of a festival tech/gofer/thing…

This weekend I’m mostly being a tech/gofer at Open Skies festival at Shamed Castle, Co. Antrim, forgoing family, new puppy, own bed, writing T&Cs for www.purplemountain.com and tearing my hair out over trying to design an HVAC system for my imminent studio build. It’s feeding-frenzy time in the green room and trust me, this is is a welcome break!

It gives me a little time to reflect on how important it is to step away from a normally professional role, to just take orders from other people and get stuck into messy, muddy, lugging stuff around work.


Open Skies Festival, Shanes Castle, Antrim

It’s noisy in here, but refreshingly comfortable! Everyone’s dead on, very kind and there’s a lot of laughter here.

I just want to go home tomorrow without trapping my fingers in anything or dropping something on my foot! And sure, if I get bored, there’s always the security dude looking after the Game of Thrones set whose got some good stories too share!

You couldn’t be bored in this job!



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